Zion Park Wedding – Serena & Pedro

To say Nicole and I had been excited for Serena & Pedro’s “wild wedding weekend” in Zion National Park would certainly be an understatement.  And how could you blame us?  A beautiful and fun couple, awesome friends & family, a crazy cool mountain mansion as the house for the weekend and a gorgeous mountain setting – yep, pretty awesome.  Perhaps the most enjoyable element of this destination wedding was having all of their close family and friends with them throughout the weekend where they could explore Zion Park together and go hiking, canyoneering, ride ATVs and of course just hang out and enjoy each others company.  Nicole and I really enjoyed meeting some new people and making new friends too, in fact, we joined a small group of friends and went on an early wedding morning hike through the famous “Narrows“.  I’ll be writing a separate post showing some of the landscape and fun shots we got during our stay in Zion but I can say hiking in the water, upriver through the Narrows was certainly an amazing and scenic adventure!
Enjoy the photos!

A hand-held slow shutter shot I got while in the Narrows…

Miller Lite goes well with grapes, cheese and crackers right?

When Serena’s mother Sharon surprise her with a special ring she had made for her it was a nice special moment to capture.

I love these photos of Serena…she has such an elegance about her.

Literally moments before walking down the aisle Nicole snapped this amazing moment between the maid of honor giving a final hug, her fathers standing by and one of her best friends, Chris, standing in the doorway watching.

I told you these two can work it…

Partttttyyyyy time!


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