Twin Oaks Garden Estate Wedding: Jill & Richard

I had the itch….the itch to start shooting weddings again!  2011 was a wrap and I was anxiously awaiting our first wedding of 2012 to come so we can get to work again and have some fun with an awesome couple.  What a winter it has been for us San Diegans….nothing but sunshine just about every day – no complaints.  Well what would ya know but it was definitely a “storm watch 2012” (as the news stations would say…) week leading up to Jill & Richards day, oh great.  And to make it better, the bulk of the storm was to hit on Saturday, and rain ALL DAY.  I wasn’t too excited about that, but, I was prepared for storm conditions, got all the gear rain ready and we drove up north en route to Twin Oaks.  The roads were nasty and soaked but low and behold when we arrived a bit before 1pm there was no more rain.  In fact we never felt 1 drop for the entire 8 hrs we were there….heck yes!!!

Jill and Richard were awesome.  They were both soooooo happy and you could easily see it on their faces, it was clear that no rain was going to slow them down one bit.  I was just happy that we didn’t have rain to worry about because I wouldn’t to be able to take full advantage of my favorite venue in San Diego County – Twin Oaks Garden Estate.  Another thing that made this wedding so much fun and exciting for us was Jill & Richard were a referral to us from a couple of our past brides and grooms – Jackie & Gerry and Aubree & Joe.  It is such an awesome feeling when you are shooting a wedding that not only one of your past couple’s is a guest at the wedding but two of them are – what a fun night it was.  In addition this was the very first wedding where we did a same day edit slideshow that was played throughout the reception, what a cool addition and way to spruce up the party with photos from just minutes or an hour ago!

We got some amazing shots of these two and I’d say we kicked off 2012 just right 🙂


P.S. More photos of Jill & Richard’s Wedding can be found on our Facebook page here where you can tag yourself to add to your page 🙂



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