The Importance of 2 Photographers & Working a Pose

One thing that we feel pretty strongly about over here at Cole Joseph Photography is the idea of having two photographers for weddings.  There are soooo many reasons why Nicole and I feel this way and that’s what this blog post is about – to help aid and educate the reasons why its important to have two photographers on your big day.  I will order the list of reasons below in order of importance in my opinion –

1. To provide a different perspective – this can be a different angle of the same shot and/or utilizing a completely different lens etc…
2. A 2nd set of eyes – a subtle difference of point #1 above is simply having another set of eyes to capture moments that could otherwise slip by simply because its impossible to be everywhere or see everything at the same time.  Real life examples of this with us is often candid shots of the family members during the ceremony while the other photographer is focused on the bride & groom, or detail shots while other photographer is doing family portraits or getting ready shots.
3. Having two photographers with multiple lenses at same time = ready for each and every shot.  We shoot with 3 cameras and 3 different lenses at the same time which enables us to switch between different lenses at a snap of a finger rather than being forced to take time changing lenses which can take your eye off the action and ultimately miss a moment.

Regardless of if you have 1 photographer or 2 I always try to make my images more interesting by shooting from different angles – lets face it, many times, shooting straight on is plain boring.  By shooting from an angle higher or lower photos can have a lot more “pop” or “wow” factor to them.  In addition to using different angles we often will keep our subjects in the same position but then work the pose by walking around them and shooting different points of view.  To give you readers a couple “behind the scenes” shots Nicole has snapped a few shots of my that I have included from our last couple engagement sessions.  Its always interesting to see the final shot from my camera and then see how I look from Nicole’s camera hahaha so hope you enjoy those and see me contorting my body or laying on the floor to get a cool shot 🙂

Here are some photos that showcase point #1, providing a different perspective from the exact same pose and show some of the “behind the scenes” shots.

What I hope this post does is enlighten you of some of the benefits of hiring a photographer for your wedding that offers two photographers within their packages.  Note in my opinion the real benefit with two photographers comes from being able to fully utilize different vantage points and perspective, not merely shoot over the lead photographers shoulders.


Nicole’s shot above while I was on the side getting this shot (below)

This is what I call “working a pose” started with the shot on the left and then got a completely different shot just by walking to the side and getting low to their level.

Nicole’s camera (top), my shot below – different lenses = different perspective of same exact moment.  Both are awesome shots in my opinion.

My vantage point (above), Nicole’s is below… How cute is this sequence!!?

My shot (above) standing on fountain – Nicole’s shot below…

This is pretty cool to see the set up of the shot and the final image below.  Can’t be afraid to get dirty….too bad I didn’t have Nicole with me when I was laying on my stomach on the railroad tracks!

Nicole’s shot above, my vantage point below.

My shot is above, while Nicole shot from the side at exact same time.


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