Bo-Beau – The Hottest Restaurant in Town…

Well I know I might be a little biased since Bo-Beau is of course my sister’s restaurant – BUT, I am serious…Bo-Beau is one of the hottest restaurants in San Diego and they have the long waits to get a table and exceptional reviews to prove it!

I was asked if I could swing on down to photograph some of the new menu items for the “Fall Menu” and that I did.  Nicole and I of course had the priveledge to be able to try most of these new items and wow….awesome!  Of course I think the photos do a pretty good job showing how tasty these dishes are.  For your own reference, the dishes shown below are:

These menu descriptions are taken from the restaurant menu.  Full menu is here
cornbread madeleines
pumpkin butter + mixed berry jam + jalapeno-cinnamon coulis
duck fat deviled eggs
mike & son’s eggs + harissa + green peppercorn + espelette powder
shrimp + fennel angel hair
pesto + kalamata olives + tomatoes + artichokes + smoked mozzarella
*not on listed menu yet — Portobello Mushroom, Almond and other “stuff” 🙂
chipotle rigatoni
braised pork shoulder + roasted mushrooms + kale + carrot ragu
roasted beets
goat cheese + curry onion jam + crushed red peppers + jalapenos
After getting all of the food shots we wanted we got some quick shots of Chef Katherine and some of the rest of the awesome Bo-Beau team.  I even managed to sneak into the kitchen to grab a few real action shots but didn’t want to get in the way as things were getting busy so I made a quick escape and went back to my table to enjoy my meal with Nicole.  Nicole and I usually don’t lug around our nice camera gear when we go out or are just hanging out since they are so bulky but since we already had it there we made sure to get a couple fun shots of us just being a little silly and messin’ around!  So please don’t think I always make funny smile faces and give the “thumbs-up” 🙂
Once dinner was over we drove over to Paradise Point where my parents were staying for a quick getaway where we enjoyed hanging around a bonfire with good friends chatting, relaxing and doing something many of us haven’t done in a LOOOONG time….making smores!
Anyways – I hope you all enjoy the photos, make sure to make it down to Bo-Beau sometime if you haven’t already been – you will not be disappointed.
Bo-Beau Executive Chef - Katherine Humphus




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