The Final Chapter – Tuscany, Florence, Milan!

Peace out Cinque Terre!  Its been real…but it was time to hit the highway!  At this point we had rode the metro in Paris, trains through Italy, ferries on the water in Cinque Terre in now car through the hills in Tuscany.  It actually didn’t stop there, we also took the bus when leaving Tuscany to get to Florence 🙂

This final leg of the trip gave us all some of the fondest memories of the entire trip.  We LOVED Tuscany and staying in our super old wine estate from the 1800s and the evening walks through the vineyard to the meadow and valley with our bottle of wine each evening at sunset…something I know we’ll always look back on forever and smile, smile because we miss it.

Enjoy the photos that tell the story on this final chapter of our “euro-trip”.

Some photos of our little cute villa we stayed at in Tuscany!

We headed into Siena, Italy for a walk through this old medieval city!

Walking down to the meadow 🙂

Love these landscapes 🙂  They deserve to be blown up BIG and really take advantage of the 36 megapixels!

We had the best home cooked meal!

Valeria, our host, gave us a tour of her families winery – super cool.

After driving into different hill towns we came across this one…San Gusme – one of my favorite spots, so “Tuscan”.

Oh heyyyyy whats up Florence?  Your city is NUTS and crazy with people everywhere!

Our final stop was a very short one in Milan, it rained the entire time but we didn’t let it stop us from seeing the city and we walked it all in the rain under an umbrella…since it was raining I left my nice camera behind and posted iphone photos to Instagram, except for this one, taken from our hotel room window right before falling asleep.  What a great trip it was.

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