Spokane Private Estate Wedding – Amelia & Greg

spokane private estate wedding

Spokane Private Estate Wedding – Amelia & Greg

Anyone who was lucky enough to celebrate with Amelia & Greg on their big day can tell you their wedding was one for the record books!  No, not only because these two have infectious smiles and positive attitudes but because their wedding had a huge run in with good ol’ mother nature.

Ever since our wonderful Little Italy engagement session with Amelia & Greg, we couldn’t wait till August would come so we can see them again but this time, in their hometown – Spokane, Washington.  We knew it was going to be a great wedding, we knew they were going to rock the photos but what we didn’t know was how darn amazing of a wedding venue we’d have to work with.  After driving through groves of pine trees to get to the property, when we arrived we were in shock – in a good way.  You see, in San Diego, we don’t have anything close to a gorgeous riverfront house property with perfectly manicured grass and gorgeous trees everywhere you look…so to say we were extra “pumped” would be an understatement!

We can’t say enough good things about the benefits of doing a first look and now I can add Amelia to one of the many who have told us “doing the 1st look was the best decision we’ve ever made”…

I gotta say, for such a wild crazy wedding, I was so impressed with Amelia & Greg and their positive attitudes throughout the day – these two are pure class!!!

You’ll know why soon…but lets get the story going with the photos first 🙂

The back of Amelia’s dress was so elegant!

While the girls were getting dolled up…the boys were being….boys 🙂

First look #1 was with dad

Greg looks ready to walk up and see his bride for the first time!

While they shared letters with each other and some alone time, I got this from afar…

Amelia just had to get a photo with the fox…foxy lady? sorry…lame Cole joke…

This handmade paper broach bouquet was simply awesome!

One of my favorites!

spokane private estate wedding

Told you the scenery was amazing!

spokane private estate wedding cole joseph photographycole joseph photography spokane private estate wedding

Each and every table had a unique centerpiece detail that was a special element to Amelia & Greg’s love story.

So about mother nature…. the weather forecast for the day was sunny and hot…no clouds, no chance of rain…just hot.  Well, 1/2 through the ceremony we all started hearing thunder, it got louder and closer and as luck would have it, as soon as Amelia & Greg were pronounced as husband and wife and no more than halfway down the aisle, a strong gust of wind came (see photo below) and started blowing away the reception set-up!  Not only did the wind start, but the rain started and we all weren’t sure what would happen…

Meanwhile, the happy bride and groom found shelter and had a couple moments alone while the storm was brewing and getting revved up.

Unfortunately the rain and wind didn’t stop, ultimately blowing trees down, damaging the reception set-up and even causing a power outage – this was the damage….we needed a Plan B…. to the church we go!

Once we arrived to the church room where the reception would have to take place, Amelia & Greg timidly asked me, can we take more photos?  Ummm heck yes, lets GO!  So off we went to escape and take some photos in their hood…

Once back to the reception we kicked off the evening with some special toasts, first dances and then it was party time and they danced the night away till their sparkler send off!


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