San Diego Photo Booth Rental – Ugly Christmas Sweater Photo Booth!

It was sometime in November that perhaps the greatest idea I’ve ever had flew into my head…to have an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.  I know that isn’t earth shattering news these days as everyone has those parties nowadays BUT, I had envisioned the party having our Photo Booth set up and of course decked out in the cheesiest way possible to really give us some hilarious photos.  At first I thought that having a corny snowy Christmas scene or a Christmas tree with the fireplace & presents would be good….but then I thought I could likely make something myself that could suffice and give us the kinda ghetto ugly Christmas sweater party photo booth that I ALWAYS wanted 🙂

Of course, step one was to find an Ugly Christmas Sweater, and man o man that is TOUGH!  Heck I even changed the name of the party to just Ugly Sweater Party since I wasn’t the only one struggling finding the perfect garments….anyways I feel the party was quite the hit.

As you will see in the photos, we certainly were NOT going for serious photos, but corny/cheesy poses that make us laugh so hard we almost pissed our pants!  Sorry if that was TMI… Notice a couple of the “Stepbrothers” poses, those were some of my favorites too 🙂  Once the stool came out into the booth we took the cheese factor to a whole other level!

We even had some of our photobooth veterans join us for the party….check out a couple of our most recent newlyweds Leah & Lance in their killer ugly sweaters down below 🙂

Sooooo how did I do with this themed booth??  Did the photos make ya laugh?  I hope so….if you’d like to have us host our Photo BoothThe Studiobooth by Cole Joseph Photography at your next event or wedding, please get in touch!


Christmas Sweater Photobooths

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