Southern California Private Estate Wedding: Ryann & Matt

We first met Ryann and Matt last October as she was one of the bridesmaids in Brittany and Alex’s wedding.  Ryann first called me in mid-January wanting me to shoot her and Matt’s wedding.  She explained that they were having an extremely small intimate wedding which would basically be a ceremony and then a small lunch reception, although they would have loved to have had a bigger wedding it just wasn’t in the budget – we were booked for them to shoot 2 hrs.  Then a couple weeks later and she emailed me to tell me they are now having a ceremony and bigger reception and needs more time, we put together a custom quote for her and were up to 4 hrs of time.  Then the day got bigger, and grander and our photo time got extended to 5 hrs, then maybe 6, and finally 7 hrs to cover this rip roaring wedding…

She was sooooo excited and everytime we talked to discuss the wedding I could feel the excitement which I loved.  Of course I am telling this quick background story because with all this excitement and extremely quick wedding planning we were up to a week of the wedding and the weather forecast wasn’t looking pretty.  Suddenly all the initial plans of where the ceremony would be, where we could take photos at this gorgeous estate etc….were going out the window and going quick!  But most of all, I was sad — all week I was so concerned with how in the world would anyone be in good spirits on their wedding day with flash flood rain and up to 70 mph wind gusts?!

Well… “WE” did it.  When I say “WE” I am not just referring to Nicole and I, but, am referring to everyone – our amazing bride and groom, the bridesmaids, the wedding vendors and the guests.  Everyone  stepped up to the plate, put their game face on and delivered, and it felt awesome! As we were making the 1 hr drive up to Murrieta through the storm with only about 20 ft visibility, hydroplaning cars and strong winds pushing us around we were a little unsure how the day was going to unfold.  But once we got there it was all good.

Ryann & Matt’s wedding day was graced with one of the “biggest winter storms of the year” however despite all of the “good luck” rain these two were major troopers.  One moment that we thought was super special was when Ryann told the girls: “I feel soooo happy right now at this moment and couldn’t be happier with how this day is going”!  Wow….talk about an amazing attitude to have on a wet and dreary wedding day but these two weren’t phased by it at all.   As such Ryann and Matt were a complete joy to work with and all of their bridal party and guests were no different.  This St Paddy’s day wedding went off and was one heck of a party all through the night.  We are so happy that we were able to spend our St Paddy’s day driving up to Murrieta to spend it with these two…I am in love with the shots we got and in love with all of the amazing details that Carla of Enchanting Blooms put together!

Ryann & Matt – Nicole and I wish you the very very best for years to come!  Thank you for being so easy to work with on not the easiest of days 🙂

Love the handcrafted details….in honor of St Patrick’s Day Ryann rocked a the garter above that had some irish green in it 🙂  She also had green earrings on too!

Helping put on the necklace she got for all of her bridesmaids – they loved the gift and I love this candid capture.

Loooooove this shot!

no caption needed for below…other than, this sums up their entire wedding day in my opinion.  I love that you can see the rain coming down too.

Carla did an amazing job with all of the florals including that cool mossy “M” on the door for their last name.

A great bridal party is always entertaining – loved the photobooth prop grand entrance

One of my favorites from the first dance 😉

Ryann was making those mason jar glasses very late at night by herself a couple days before the wedding – I like em!

Top left photo below – yep that’s me and the groom.  I was concentrating changing a lens getting ready for some extreme dancing shots when he caught me off guard, its totally fine with me though – I dig the picture.  I don’t take myself too seriously and obvious the groom doesn’t either 🙂

While the dance party started to get really going we decided to jump outside for a quick couple shots while we finally had no rain coming down and to take advantage of the stormy sunset.

When the dance party gets really going and the night comes its time for some long shutter wild dance shots…I always try and through some in – it gives a dramatic effect.

One of the “extreme dancer’s” of the night….yep that’s a severe pants rip hahaha.

  • March 24, 2012 - 5:37 am

    Carri Roman - So pretty…so much fun! Love the reception shots. Good times were had and you captured them. Again, love your work!ReplyCancel

  • March 24, 2012 - 6:02 am

    Kat Riggs - Looks great! You guys did it again 🙂 beautiful wedding, lovely shots, happy couple and other than the umbrellas you wouldn’t know it was a rainy day. Especially not with those smiles. Totally awesome and congrats to the newlyweds!!ReplyCancel

  • March 24, 2012 - 3:10 pm

    Bree Kennedy - Wow what amazing photos… On that day I was thinking to myself oh man….. I am glad we had our wedding in 2011 on that weekend because the weather was raging this year… However, if I would have gotten these great photos on a day when the weather wasn’t so great…. I would be thrilled! Awesome job to you and Nicole and congrats to the bride and groom!!!ReplyCancel

  • March 24, 2012 - 3:35 pm

    Cole - Carri – Thank you! Yes it was quite the party 🙂
    Kat – Thanks for stopping by the blog, hope you and Mat are doing awesome.
    Bree – Yes it was quite the day, the last minute addition of the tent was a huge plus (and necessity) but the biggest help for the awesome photos wasn’t us but the positive attitudes of Ryann & Matt 🙂ReplyCancel

  • December 7, 2012 - 7:37 am

    Insights of Being a Wedding Photographer & Why We Love It - […] each wedding we photograph those photos encompass our vision and our creativity within each photo. 4. Bride & Groom Appreciation & Enthusiasm – To me, the ultimate reward with being a […]ReplyCancel

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