Old Poway Park Family Photos: Hernandez Family

This family photo shoot almost got cancelled….what a shame that would have been!  Not only does this family hold such a special place in our heart but there was no chance of rescheduling since Christina & Tim were flying back home the very next morning first thing!  So we said, NO WAY – lets go for it….the rain is supposed to pass anyway, and worst case scenario we will just wait here and there when its raining and jump out for a few minutes here and there when it stops raining.  Well that is pretty much what we did, except it rained more than we were anticipating so we did a little more waiting than initially planned, until we got really brave and just said screw it, lets grab the umbrellas and play in the rain!

All in all – without a doubt we got some of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken, didn’t let the rain win and most of all had an absolute blast!

What was extra fun about the family session was being able to do so many different fun combinations of family – including some of our favorite couples Christina & Tim and also longtime clients/friends Jackie & Gerry…we basically turned the family session into very mini “engagement” sessions, minus the “engagement part of course 😉

Here are some of my favorites from this awesome family.

Like a shot or two? Let us know in the comments which ones are your favorites!

Grandma must have said something funny!

One of the many “Jackie” looks… get it Jackie!!

Love this one…feels so retro & old school.

The sun had set – the rain was coming down its hardest all session & Christina said, lets get some train tracks shots in the rain! ….OK lets do it!  This was the first shot I got while they got a head start and I was hiding under a tree & Nicole holding an umbrella for us both.

I’d say the rain & lanterns totally make these shots…amazing.


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