Now Offering Wedding Albums!!!

I am now THRILLED to announce that we are now offering Wedding Albums available for all of our current and past wedding couples.  We plan to work exclusively with KISS wedding books as they provide a top notch product backed by a lifetime warranty (workmanship of album).

Our first album sample which is showcased below is a 10″x10″ Leather Cover / Thick Page Book with the standard 20 pages.  We chose “Redlight Red” and must say, it looks sharp!  There are many other standard colors that you can choose from as well.

Through KISS wedding books we plan to offer two different flushmount wedding albums depending on what YOU prefer (and budget).

The two choices are: Leather Cover & Super Thick Pages or Linen Hard Cover & Not as Thick pages.  Both options are flushmount albums with the same level of quality from KISS.

The prices haven’t been firmly established as each album is custom designed by yours truly and takes a lot of time, but we will have pricing very soon, I can say the price difference between the leather and linen options will be right around $250 or $300.

Ok…..there ya have it.  Check out the photos below to check out the album yourself, even though the photos don’t do it justice.  To really get a sense for the workmanship and quality of book AND the photos you have to feel it and flip through the pages in person.

If you are a past bride or groom and would like to talk about designing an album for your wedding shoot me an email and we’ll talk!


Your wedding album comes in a nice stylish cover / case to keep the album protected

Your photos are printed directly onto THICK cardstock to have thick and sturdy pages


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