Nicole & Chris – Palos Verdes Engagement!

Palos Verdes Engagement

Nicole & Chris – Palos Verdes Engagement!

As Nicole and I made our way up the 5 and then 405 freeway we couldn’t help but get excited for Nicole & Chris’ Palos Verdes engagement session.  Photographing in new locations is always a pleasant surprise and I knew that Nicole & Chris had picked out a couple really amazing spots.  But the premier location is really only the icing on the cake.  What we were most excited about was to actually meet Nicole and Chris for the first time!

Nicole & Chris both grew up in the Palos Verdes area before moving to San Diego where they both, like Nicole and myself, attended SDSU business graduating with business degrees (Go Aztecs!!!).  Work ended up re-locating them out to Chicago where they currently live, and although they are doing their best to embrace the windy city and the freezing cold that comes with it, they really miss their Southern California roots.

Our first location, a quaint & cute Palos Verdes shopping center felt like we were transplanted into Europe.  The columns, the brick, the bougainvillea and the draped ivy were all a photographers’ paradise.  But the second location was the true magical spot…

The second location was a picnic on the bluffs & wow, what a place. The place looked gorgeous.

When Nicole and Chris say they are setting up a picnic…..they do it up!  As they were setting up more and more goodies kept coming out!

What we didn’t know at first was their picnic set-up was a recreation of their proposal, where Chris brought Nicole down the bluffs to a private picnic.

Needless to say, the picnic set-up, overlooking the mighty Pacific Ocean as the sun was setting made for a pretty epic end to our session.

Despite this being an engagement session for the books, I gotta say, my favorite part of our time together was Nicole & Chris’ asking us to put the cameras down and join them in their picnic.  As we spent the next 20 min eating macaroons, mini cheesecakes and baguettes and cheese, with a looming sunset and getting to know each other, I was once again reminded about how much I love our job. And more importantly why we love our job – the connections we make.

Nicole & Chris – thank you guys for being so awesome, we hope you love the photos!

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