New Places – Seattle, Washington!

At the end of August Nicole and I jumped on an airplane at 6am for a weekend getaway and to visit with our good friends Katey and Ben.  Seattle was the destination with mini trips to wherever Katey and Ben felt like taking us 🙂  Nicole and I had a great time, we love not only seeing new places but visiting with old (and new) faces.  At the time of the trip Katey was still “expecting” their first son and I am happy to report since then they now have a healthy new first son – Sawyer!

As our wedding season is over for the moment until we get started up again in January I figured it was time to share some photos from our recent travels…so here we go!  Seattle, WA…

Our first stop on the trip was Ballard Locks which is where the “locks” / gates open and close and different times to let boats go on down (or up) the river…the water level rises and falls to match the water level on  the other side of the locks – pretty crazy!

Nicole and one her best high-school friends Katey

After Ballard Locks we thought it would be a great idea to go on a hike…well the plan got interrupted when we started having car troubles as soon as we set off, so the girls waited for the tow truck to take them to the dealership and Ben and I set foot to catch a bus and head into downtown and eventually meet up at the dealership….and away we go…let the walk commence.

Ok no more walking….a couple hours later, we all made it to the dealership and got a rental car, although not enough time to go hiking we came up with a plan B – impromptu picnic at Lake Washington, woo hoo!  Walking to the lake we came across blackberry bushes and started picking them right off to eat, pretty sweeeeet!  Pun intended 🙂

Ah…..picnic time…..a couple cold beers and cheese-its, hit the spot.

After the picnic we went back to Katey and Ben’s place and had a BBQ for dinner – King Salmon was on the menu and it was awesome!  We were almost missing sunset but made our way over to Gasworks Park in time to walk around and catch the sunset / twilight down on the bay.

I didn’t have a tripod or anything so I did the best I could with having the camera hand-held at 1/8th of a second shutter speed for this lone nighttime Space Needle shot.

There ya have it…day 1 is a wrap, day 2 was off and Nicole and I set forth to hit up Pikes Place Market…

Can you find us here while watching this cool street-side Jazz Trio play??

A rare portrait of me….trying to look tough…ha.

We stayed at the Hotel Max in downtown Seattle and one of my favorite things about the hotel was the live photos of Seattle’s best musicians that were on each door…anyone know the bottom photo?  I’ll give ya one guess…”grunge”.


There ya have it….our Seattle trip in a nutshell.  It was a quick trip but we fit a lot in and had a great time….this was the very last trip of any sort before September was upon us with weddings every weekend 🙂

Till next time…..stay tuned if you like this travel stuff because Oahu, Hawaii is next!





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