How we spent our Christmas….Vegas Baby!

This year was a year of many firsts for me.  The year I got MARRIED! – yep that was definitely a first and along with getting married often means taking trips during the holidays to spend time with new family, also a first for me this year.  This year for Christmas we decided to spend it (most of it…) with Nicole’s dads house in Las Vegas where every year they host a big Christmas Eve dinner extravaganza.  We arrived late on the 22nd so that we could spend some extra time with all them before the crazy extravaganza was underway which was very nice.  On Friday night we went to a place called the “Magical Forest” which was basically just a carnival like atmosphere with Christmas lights EVERYWHERE! We went for the kids – Rene and Janice’s grandchildren visiting from Atlanta, GA…this place was a kids dream for sure.  There were so many lights that I wasn’t even using my flash on my camera some of the time, like in the photo below of Nicole and her dad…you’d never think that would be a night time shot with no flash I bet 😉  Anywho – on with the photos, this is “How we spent our Christmas” and it was a great one at that.


For some reason I like this shot a ton haha.  Hanging ultra big Ornament giving fish-eye view of all of us…score!

Another no flash shot just to experiment and see how my D7000 does at ISO 5000…

The whole crew….minus me.

The hosts…

The very last photo I took at 630am on Christmas morning before we had to get ready and leave to catch our flight home and make the local rounds to be with all of our other families.



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