How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Videographer!

“Do you know of any good videographers”?

Without a doubt that is one of the top questions that our clients ask Nicole and I.  It’s a really great question because, in my opinion, it can be one of the greatest risk factors to the overall flow of your wedding day.

Today I am going to give you my greatest tips to consider so you will know exactly how to pick a wedding videographer.  Actually let me rephrase that by saying you will know how to pick the PERFECT wedding videographer to complete your wedding photographer/videographer team because putting together a “team” is super important for the success of your wedding day!

Ready?  I am.  Here we go.
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Shooting Style – Just like with finding the right photographer, when looking to pick a wedding videographer, make sure you like their style!  Instead of trying to describe “style” with words, I’d recommend looking at their highlight videos and simply make sure that the video actually “moves” you or gives you that “wow factor”.  Style is easy…ya either dig it or ya don’t…if you don’t, move on.

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Questions to ask:

  • How do you describe your style?

How They Shoot – It’s a given that you should be attracted to a videographers style in their final product – the video.  But what isn’t apparent to you at all (unless you ask the right questions) is “HOW” they shoot on the wedding day.  The reason is, if “how” they shoot on the wedding day is completely opposite of your photographers style, it can not only cause unwanted friction between the photo and video team but also stress YOU out…and that is the last thing we want on your wedding day.

For example – lets suppose Nicole and I are your amazing wedding photographers who you chose us based on our hands off/”fly on the wall” approach to capturing moments and your wedding day.  If the videographer that you’ve hired also has a sneaky, candid, blend into the background style then perfect you are all set for success, but what if they are the opposite?  What if they prefer to set-up and direct shots throughout the wedding day, with 2 other videographers on their team?  It becomes a style clash in which catching candid moments are traded in for stiff, contrived poses and sometimes a duel for leadership and that isn’t good for anyone.

cole joseph photography

cole joseph photography

Questions to ask:

  • Describe how you shoot on the wedding day?
  • Do you prefer to document the day as it naturally unfolds or do you give direction and set up shots?
  • How many videographers are on your team?
  • How do you interact with the photographers?

Equipment – Equipment for videographers has really come a long way in recent times and because of that, I’d recommend getting some insight into what kind of gear your videographer is using.  In terms of actual video quality you want to make sure that all of the cameras they use are recording full hi-definition video (when was the last time you watched non HD cable? Yep).  Just about all of the DSLR cameras now, record HD video and in fact, most of the top videographers are using DSLRs like the Canon 5D Mark iii or Nikon D800.  Not only do you really want to make sure you are getting HD video but you also want to ensure that they have enough backup equipment in case one of their cameras fails.

Questions to ask:

  • What equipment do you use?
  • What backup equipment do you bring to a wedding?

The End Product – In my opinion, the most valuable end product you can get from your videographer is your highlight video.  So make sure you get one included in your package!  Nicole and I have watched our highlight video many times, but we’ve only watched the full wedding video recording – once.  Don’t get me wrong, I am glad we have it, but the highlight video is really what you are going to watch, what you will share with your family and friends and where your videographer can truly shine and apply his talent!

How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Videographer – Final Thoughts

Similar to great wedding photography, an awesome wedding videographer is an investment and not something you should skimp on.  Having video of your wedding day brings a whole new dimension to being able to relive that magical day!  We’ve had many great experiences working with videographers, but we’ve also had some very bad experiences!

It’s my hope that this post can simply give you some key things to consider and give you the actual questions that you should ask to ensure that you put together the very best team possible.  Remember that putting together a great vendor team is not only about getting a quality end product but about you being able to relax and enjoy a wonderful and stress free wedding day!



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