Hilton Mission Bay Wedding Proposal & Engagement – Levi & Lupita

hilton resort mission bay weddingsEarlier in the week I posted a quick look at the totally rad Hilton Mission Bay Wedding proposal with Levi & Lupita and I promised you all that there were many more awesome photos to share…  Well here we are!

The top secret mission I had was to take some photos of Levi & Lupita during their dinner at Acqua, at the Hilton Mission Bay…as you can imagine, my primary objective was to NOT be seen by Lupita and thus blow our cover…so I decided to get some cool shots from inside the restaurant peering through the windows looking out towards them…

After dinner was over, phase two was underway…the pre-proposal.  I didn’t have many bushes or shrubbery to help conceal myself so I became a passerby tourist snapping very quickly and trying to not stay in one spot to tip anyone off.

As Levi walked closer to the waters edge I rotated my vantage point to get into position…oh dang, here he goes! (what I thought in my head :))

….and she was totally shocked and said YES!

One of my favorites 🙂

Time for the final phase – some rad portraits of these two!  I had so much fun with these two, it was so amazing to be able to shoot some portraits right after getting engaged when all of their emotions are so fresh and real. Here are some of my favorites, which are your favorites?


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