Wedding Day Moments – A Post to Honor the Fathers!

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing fathers out there!  Nicole and I are very fortunate, in our role as wedding photographers, to have the chance to document the biggest days of people’s lives – and we love it.  On the wedding day we are able to hang back and observe all the different elements of the day – family members, personalities, and of course a roller coaster ride of emotions.

Today I wanted to share with you only a small fraction of some of our favorite wedding moments featuring none other than the fathers of our brides and grooms 🙂

This photo below of Serena from our last wedding at Zion National Park is such an awesome moment.  Serena & Pedro had rented an amazing mansion (literally, this place was intense, in a good way) for the entire wedding weekend, the ceremony and reception was also taking place at the estate.  This photo was taken by Nicole moments before Serena exited the house to walk down the aisle with each of her fathers.  What I love most about this image though is the story it tells by having Duffy awaiting for her at the base of the stairs in these final pre-ceremony moments and the composition of lines and overhead view is top notch, well done Nicole!

…and the celebration continues under the stars of the dark Zion night sky

In this photo, I recall walking out with Andy to get him all set-up and “ready” to see Jen for the 1st time for their “1st look”…on the way out Andy stopped to have a quick chat, I quickly realized he was chatting with Jen’s father so I stepped back more and snapped a few quick shots of this awesome “man-to-man” congratulatory moment.  You can easily see the excitement, love and care on each of their faces.

I love the photos below of Ashley & her father because those quick moments when walking down the aisle arm and arm are what a father has anticipated for years and years and is such a special moment.  The black and white on the left from behind has such a different feel and mood than the photo to the right, the black and white imparts a feeling of drama which is fitting for that moment.  On the other hand, the color photo on the right shows the happiness on both of their faces, I love how Ashley is looking towards the ceremony site to see all of her guests awaiting her entrance.

I absolutely love the moment captured below.  I find the contrast in facial expressions of Amber and her father to “tell a story” to any viewer of the photo.  The excitement on Amber’s face looking to Aaron and the gaze from her father as he takes it all in.  See why we love weddings so much?!

…and the hand-off to Aaron, note Amber’s dad is all smiles – clearly he is very content with the union of Amber & Aaron.

Hey, she looks familiar right?!  I always loved this shot of Nicole and her dad, Rene at our wedding in April 2011.  Rene’s grin and look to Nicole is a priceless moment – hey he’s smiling so I guess he likes me and was OK with me marrying his daughter! Score 😉

…just one more of Nicole and her daddy… I think its safe to say they both enjoyed this dance.

Once again – happy Fathers Day everyone!!


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