Happy Birthday Chloe!

My little girl turns eight today.

What, you didn’t know we have a beautiful little lady named Chloe?

I have had the privilege of taking care of our precious little Yorkie who has managed to have a few different names but most notably, Chloe McDaniels. Chloe is our 7 pound bundle of joy and the closest thing we have to a child.  Anyone who knows me knows I have a slight obsession with Ms. McDaniel’s. That’s right! I am a crazy dog lady and proud of it!  I have grown up with dogs my entire life and when I moved out of my mom’s house for college I found myself feeling very lonely as though something was missing. At the time Cole and I were dating and had very busy school & work schedules that seemed to always clash. Needless to say I found myself spending more time then I liked by myself. That’s when my mind was made up!  I needed a dog!

I picked up Chloe a month or so later at the San Diego airport. She caught a plane from Oklahoma to the west coast and we have been best friends ever since. Don’t get me wrong it’s definitely been an interesting journey. There were moments when I had to ask myself what I was thinking getting a puppy when I was a full time student and had a nearly full time job. Everything worked out in the end and she has been with us through some huge milestones in our lives.  I have to say can’t imagine her with anyone else. Happy birthday to my little Chloe! Here’s to 8 more years as great as the first!

Here are just a few photos of little Chloe 🙂


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