Founders Chapel Wedding: Going Back in Time – An Antique / Rustic Sequence

Sometimes when editing an entire weddings worth of photos I come across a quick sequence of shots that I really really find interesting.  A lot of these shots never make it onto the blog or website because the photos by themselves might not “make the cut” when having to narrow down to our favorite 20-30 out of 1000 photos, however, its also because these types of photos really shine when viewed within the whole sequence.  So I thought I’d share with you all today a sequence of shots from Cerise and Vivek’s Catholic Wedding (wedding #2) to demonstrate my point and also give you a taste of some editing that’s a little more rustic and artistic than even I typically do – however, for these shots I think it really adds to the feel of the photos…what do you think?  As you’ll notice when looking at these you can see the 2 different cameras and perspectives between myself and Nicole…cool stuff!

Enjoy and happy Saturday! 🙂





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