Bo-Beau Long Beach – The Next Big Thing!

For anyone who knows Nicole and I, its no surprise that we love Bo-Beau.  Are we biased?  Well of course, but even if my celebrity chef sister wasn’t the chef, I’d still say every single time we’ve gone to Bo-Beau it’s been an exceptional experience.

The food.  The decor.  The ambience.  The service.  Everything…

Bo-Beau started off as cute and cozy.  In fact, you can go back in time to 2010 and 2011 to see the early days of Bo-Beau here and here (yikes…showing OLD photos is painful!).  That is what is the most exciting thing about Bo-Beau…how far it’s come.  And for us, it’s been amazing to see how far Katherine has come…from leading the few and the proud at Bo-Beau Ocean Beach to leading the brand new 13,722 square foot Bo-Beau Long Beach!  It’s a big difference.

Cute and cozy has been exchanged for a grand dual-vibe establishment.  Upstairs you will find a lively roof-top party vibe with over 50 beers on tap, park bench seating and even a ping-pong table.  Head downstairs and you will enter into the warm, romantic, rustic & chic sophisticated dining experience.  This duality is what I love so much about Bo-Beau Long Beach, there is something for everyone and regardless of where you are, the food and service and decor is simply impeccable.

I’ve only had the chance to visit once thus far but made sure to take my camera to show off Bo-Beau Long Beach.  Ready to check it out?  Here we go…

We started off our visit checking out the upstairs bar area…

I LOVE the rustic-industrial vibe in the stairwell areas 🙂

Once you step downstairs you feel the warm, cozy charm that Bo-Beau is known for.

Mom and Dad making their blog cameo…

My dad giving my mom a funny look….but hey, its a sweet shot!  And for you photo peeps…the D800 at ISO 10,159 did pretty good!!!


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