2014 Wedding Year in Review!

My favorite blog post of the year, each year, is my recap of our wedding season.  It’s always so fun to look back and re-live the weddings, the awesome couples and split second storytelling moments from each and every special day.

2014 was a banner year for Nicole and I.  We’ve continued to work with the most amazing couples, travel to some awesome new destinations and have really noticed our work and style mature, evolve & flourish into the refined and classic style that it is today.

From the January beaches to Cabo San Lucas, to a summer San Diego heatwave and rouge wedding reception demolishing rain and windstorm in Spokane, Washington we had a lot of variety to say the least 😉

Now to the goods…here are some favorite moments from this past 2014 wedding year!

Got a favorite? Let me know 🙂  Here’s to an amazing 2015!

coronado community center_0045

We kicked 2014 off in Cabo…but before the wedding festivities would commence I joined the boys for a round of golf – the day was pretty awesome and I had a blast getting to know all of Will’s closest buddies.coronado community center_0046coronado community center_0047coronado community center_0048coronado community center_0049coronado community center_0050coronado community center_0051coronado community center_0052coronado community center_0053coronado community center_0054coronado community center_0055coronado community center_0056

Tray passed tequila shots might have had something to do with the wild dance floor 😉

coronado community center_0057coronado community center_0058

Always loved this super sweet moment after Lindsay’s dad saw her in her dress for the first time.

coronado community center_0059coronado community center_0060coronado community center_0061coronado community center_0062coronado community center_0063coronado community center_0064coronado community center_0065

This year we saw lots of touching, tear-jerker toasts…

coronado community center_0066coronado community center_0067

…and a bunch of amazing 1st looks

coronado community center_0068coronado community center_0069coronado community center_0070coronado community center_0071coronado community center_0072

many picture perfect days…

coronado community center_0073coronado community center_0074coronado community center_0075coronado community center_0076coronado community center_0077coronado community center_0078

and even some rogue storms that called for some serious “plan B’s”.  This moment was right after their walk back down the aisle as husband and wife when the rain started pouring…I grabbed this fleeting moment between the two of them

coronado community center_0079

unfortunately – the rain wasn’t stopping and the wind was even worse.  The picture perfect, outdoor reception and dancing under the stars was a goner.

coronado community center_0080

…luckily – Amelia & Greg took it in stride and off we went to the “plan B”.

coronado community center_0081coronado community center_0082coronado community center_0083coronado community center_0084coronado community center_0085coronado community center_0086coronado community center_0087

This year we saw plenty of “bling” as well as plenty of romantic moments alone with our couples.

coronado community center_0088coronado community center_0089coronado community center_0090

...and this just might be one of my favorite beach wedding photos I’ve taken…

coronado community center_0091coronado community center_0092

…and this can be one of my favorite getting ready shots.

coronado community center_0093coronado community center_0094coronado community center_0095coronado community center_0096coronado community center_0097

Lot’s of joyous bridal parties.

coronado community center_0098coronado community center_0099coronado community center_0100coronado community center_0101coronado community center_0102

Some epic wedding day “selfies”

coronado community center_0103coronado community center_0104

and emotional dances

coronado community center_0105coronado community center_0106

…and some sweet dance moves!

coronado community center_0107coronado community center_0108coronado community center_0109coronado community center_0110coronado community center_0111coronado community center_0112

We saw a touch of sass this year – followed by plenty of class!

coronado community center_0113coronado community center_0114

…ridiculously awesome 1st looks!

coronado community center_0115coronado community center_0116coronado community center_0117coronado community center_0118coronado community center_0119coronado community center_0120

…rip-roaring dance-floors 

coronado community center_0121coronado community center_0122coronado community center_0123coronado community center_0124

Plenty of beautiful brides as well as dapper grooms.

coronado community center_0125coronado community center_0126coronado community center_0127coronado community center_0128coronado community center_0129coronado community center_0130coronado community center_0131coronado community center_0132coronado community center_0133coronado community center_0134coronado community center_0135coronado community center_0136

B&W never goes out of style…

coronado community center_0137coronado community center_0138coronado community center_0139coronado community center_0140coronado community center_0141

How about a father and his two sons watching on as Kelly walks down the aisle…

coronado community center_0142coronado community center_0143coronado community center_0144coronado community center_0145coronado community center_0146coronado community center_0147coronado community center_0148coronado community center_0149coronado community center_0150coronado community center_0151

…some gorgeous market light receptions.

coronado community center_0152coronado community center_0153coronado community center_0154coronado community center_0155

…with group sing-alongs!

coronado community center_0156coronado community center_0157

a special intimate courthouse wedding…

coronado community center_0158coronado community center_0159coronado community center_0160coronado community center_0161coronado community center_0162coronado community center_0163coronado community center_0164

and a party bus cocktail hour!

coronado community center_0165coronado community center_0166coronado community center_0167coronado community center_0168coronado community center_0169

a little rain didn’t dampen Ashley & Alex’s big day…

coronado community center_0170coronado community center_0171coronado community center_0172


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