The Best of 2011 Series – Engagement Sessions!

Happy Friday!  What a long week it has been….glad to see we have all made it to the weekend.  We are doing our best to enjoy the handful of free weekends we have now before wedding season gets underway.

Well it is that time of the year when LOVE is in the air 🙂 We are coming off of the holidays where many proposals typically take place, many are newly engaged and of course its a fresh/brand new year!  So since the “best of” series has been getting such good feedback I am going to keep cranking out the posts for you all (until I run out of categories…).  I figured today is a good day to mix it up and get off of the wedding categories for a bit and showcase some of the awesome engagement sessions we did this last year.

Engagement sessions are awesome for so many different reasons and highly recommended to all couples.  Here is why –

1. This is the perfect time for our couples to get used to being in front of the camera, getting used to how we work and getting into the flow of being photographed
2. Along with item #1 is we all get to know each other a bit better and by doing so, not only does this allow you to get more into your “comfort zone” and relaxed during your engagement session but when the wedding comes along we are no longer strangers – you know us, you are comfortable with is and you know what to expect – all of that leads to more relaxed and natural photos, which is always our goal and leads to the best photos.
3. You get awesome photos!  Many times the engagement photos are hung around the house or displayed more often than the wedding photos.
4. Use the professional photos from the engagement session for your Save The Dates to keep them looking sharp!

As mentioned above, our goal is simply to always shoot in a way that lets people’s true selves come out in the photos.  We strive for natural looking photos, and we don’t aim for “cheesy” ever.  Our style is simple “OUR” style and all the photos below have been chosen as some of our favorites because they have the qualities we look for – natural, classy, crisp, timeless.

Well there ya have it.  I hope you enjoy these – many of these couple’s you will be seeing again with their 2012 wedding posts at some point this year!


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