Coronado Cays Yacht Club Wedding: Kari & Dave – Part 1

First off – this is NOT meant to be “the” blog post for Kari & Dave’s wedding…it is mainly a post to showcase a few different aspects of the wedding day that many potential brides/grooms don’t see as often on blogs.  However, I was inspired to do this post after the huge feedback from last nights photo (5th photo down in this post) posted on our facebook fan page here and of course it naturally turned itself into a “Part 1” type post for Kari & Dave.

The real reasons that I put this post together though is for everyone to see a larger sampling of our work of two key components of the day: “getting ready” and the “1st look”…in addition to showcasing these parts of the day I want people to have a clear idea of our photo style which is very photo-journalistic in nature and very candid and not posed throughout the wedding.  For us, the number 1 job of a wedding photographer is to capture the events and essence of the day as it really unfolded.  Our fly on the wall approach helps us get those results for our clients.

A bit of insight about the images –

  • not 1 of these images was posed they all unfolded naturally on their own.
  • The editing style is predominantly black and white for the purposes of this specific blog post, we do a mix of edits mainly between color and B&W and Kari and Dave’s images have numerous color getting ready photos, but once more, I wanted to keep the getting ready all B&W for this post only for the sake of the overall pleasing aesthetic it gives within this post.  The 1st look shots are in color because they freakin’ look awesome in color!
  • Many of my favorite images are in a sequence to see the entire story of the photos within that sequence…hence enjoy the entire sequence of the photos below, specifically the groom at hotel door and of course the 1st look sequence.

On with the images….starting off with one of my very favorites of Kari right before getting into her dress. Love the excited expression on her face 🙂

Just got to love the facial expressions on everyone’s faces on this set, especially when watching Dave’s face in sequence – so awesome!  I think this sums up their personalities well too.

Love this one!

I hope you all enjoyed this post.  I try the best I can to break away from the standard “here’s our latest work” type post and provide all my readers with some personal insight and a little more than the norm to keep it interesting for you.  If you have any thoughts/comments I’d love to hear them down in the comment section here on the blog 🙂

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