It seemed like yesterday…

What a corny way to start a blog post, right?  Well its true – it really does seem like yesterday (well maybe 6 months ago) that Nicole and I had our turn to walk down the aisle.  A lot can change in a years time and that’s definitely been the case for us but much of the change has been in good ways and certainly made us closer and stronger than ever before.  I remember hanging out with my groomsmen the night before the wedding doing what groomsmen do the night before the big day – having a good ol’ time and talking about the “old days” and it was pouring rain, pouring rain soooo hard and we all had this scared look on our face for a moment before shrugging our shoulders and going back to the task at hand for the night, having fun.  Well the next morning came around and it was my wedding day and low and behold the clouds had cleared and despite the wet streets our completely outdoor wedding was looking like it was going to be A-OK!

The day came and went quickly and went amazingly smooth despite us doing it pretty much all ourselves with no coordinator or anything.  It was an extremely special day for us and one I’ll always remember.  This weekend we will be celebrating and hitting the road for a quick and much needed mini-vacation, to get away from the hustle and bustle and editing of photos and just enjoy some time with each other.  We are very excited and I’m ready to do some hiking in Big Sur and wine tasting in Paso Robles and whatever else we end up doing, I know it will be great.  If you want to see some photos I’m sure I’ll post a few here and there on instagram, find me at colejoseph

How about a few photos from our big day 🙂  See you all in a few days!

Photos from our good friends Ann & Travis – Ann Sumi Photography

  • April 6, 2012 - 3:05 pm

    Ann Bushard - Happy one year guys! Time flies! We hope you have an amazing time getting away together this weekend! Perhaps Landon will meet his future wife or buddy in nine months?! 😉 we love you guys and look forward to this same post in 50 years!ReplyCancel

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