Grand Tradition Estate Wedding – Andy & Jen

Andy & Jen, perhaps my new favorite doctor duo!  As Andy stated in their first email to me, only 8 weeks before their wedding, “she’s a doctor, I’m a graduating med student, which was quite a scandal when we first started dating!” All joking aside, these two did an amazing job with extremely limited time planning their perfect day at the Grand Tradition Estate.  In fact, as they were living in LA we unfortunately never had a chance to meet before the wedding or even do an engagement session (we’ll be doing an awesome portrait session for them later in the year ;)) – but it was OK…because from all of our talks on the phone and email I already felt like I knew them.  Yep…both Andy & Jen are “those” kind of people, the kind that you can easily start a conversation with, crack jokes with and have a great time together, as if you’ve known each other for years – when you’ve actually just met.

As always the Grand Tradition Estate looked amazing and we wanted to take full advantage of the gorgeous grounds by doing lots of photos and started off with a super sweet 1st look between these two.  As luck would have it, wouldn’t you know that it started raining right during our 1st look photos.  Ruh roh…. Nicole and I were a bit afraid of the forecast and “chance of rain”.  We relocated and continued taking photos underneath the patio at the Beverly Mansion and got some amazing shots of these two – I swear its like they’ve had a past career modeling…

The rain however, wasn’t easing up and with 45 minutes or so before the ceremony start time, a decision was made to hold the ceremony within the gorgeously decorated Beverly Mansion reception room – obviously not what Andy & Jen initially had planned but we were up against mother nature.

After the ceremony, we ventured out to the edge of the Beverly Mansion‘s patio where they did a white dove release (how cool!) and lucky for us, the rain had stopped just long enough for us to venture out on the grounds and get some more great shots of these two.

Andy & Jen – welcome back from your St Thomas honeymoon, Nicole and I can’t wait to hear all about it…I am sure you’d rather still be living the “Caribbean life” in the Virgin Islands so I hope these photos help ease you back into the routine 🙂

Cole & Nicole

1st look photos

Love the photos below showing the two different angles/shots Nicole and I got of the same moment…

Grand Tradition Estate

Another same moment – LOVE both of them…my shot on left, Nicole’s on the right 🙂

Grand Tradition EstateGrand Tradition Estate Weddings

Why walk on uneven wet grass when you can be carried??

Grand Tradition Estate Beverly MansionRainy Day Weddings

The wet and rainy getaway!!!

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